Our First Post

Sep 21

Hello!  Welcome to the new Clearly Fresh Bags blog!  This space has been created to invite anyone who’s interested in produce to add their thoughts or helpful tidbits.  Do you have some great new ways to cook fresh vegetables, a yummy new recipe for seasonal fruit, or a neat way that Clearly Fresh Bags helped make a home-grown or unique produce item last longer? Share it here! 

Those of us here at Clearly Fresh grew up in the produce industry (literally for those of us who grew up on family farms) and we have some great suggestions, recipes, and seasonal tips you may find interesting and helpful.  


  • I shop our local farmers market for seasonal fruit & veg but often don’t get a chance to cook/eat them right away. These bags are a great alternative to shopping day-of for local ingredients!

    Posted by Christine on October 05, 2011

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