Blueberries: the Super Food for Lifelong Fun (Click on the blue link to read the full post.)

Jan 13

Blueberries are a remarkably memorable super food.  A favorite of children and adults alike, they are as popular for their vibrant, blue/purple shade as for the sweet explosion of juice in your mouth as they are eaten.  Blueberries are one of nature’s super foods.
he high sugar levels in blueberries mean that portion sizes need to be kept small (one cup will qualify as a serving). The sugars are of a beneficial variety though, and accompany a wide range of nutrients.  Each blueberry is packed with fiber, manganese, as well as vitamins C and K.  Other nutrients are also found in blueberries at lower levels, such as vitamin A, B6, B12, and folate at around 1-2% of the daily recommended dose, and contain 4% of the daily dose of many others.  Add in the extremely low content of cholesterol and saturated fat, and it’s easy to see why blueberries are considered a super food.

However, blueberries don’t stop there.  Continuing to surprise us beyond the observable exterior, blueberries have revealed to researchers that they have nutritional benefits which seem next to super powers.  The specific sugars found in blueberries are not only acceptable for people who are diabetic, but have been shown to reduce the symptoms of diabetes in several studies.  Research has also found blueberries have the culinary super power to help with weight loss, particularly belly fat. 

The final benefit of super blueberries is that their nutrition is so easy to access in a variety of ways.  Blueberries taste great by the raw handful, and are easily baked into pies or tossed into salads for a splash of color and flavor on the greens (they are particularly tasty with spinach salads, used similarly to strawberries).  Bake them into breads or muffins for another way to access the nutrition you need in a taste that you’ll love.  Or toss them with sugar and cinnamon then roast them at 450ºF for 20 minutes for a caramelized, sweet, nutritional treat. To get the most from your berries, be sure to store them properly, as blueberries are prone to mold and over-ripen quickly even in the refrigerator.  You may want to store blueberries in our fresh bags to keep your super food super, longer. 

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