FAQs About Clearly Fresh® Bags and Keeping Produce Fresh

Q: Can cut lettuce be stored in my Clearly Fresh® bags?
A: Yes! Any fresh vegetable or fruit can be stored in Clearly Fresh bags. Lettuce will last longest in its whole head (un-cut) form but Clearly Fresh can also help extend the storage life of cut lettuces as well!

Q: Do I need to wipe out the condensation from the Clearly Fresh bag daily?
A: No, you do not need to wipe out the condensation from the Clearly Fresh bag daily. However, some produce items do prefer a dryer environment & you may find that adding a single clean paper towel beneath some items may help with the free moisture (condensation) that may occur in the bag.

Q: Can I open and close my Clearly Fresh bag and still prolong the storage life of my produce?
A: Yes! When we asked consumers to take Clearly Fresh bags home to try they were asked to use these bags as they use any storage bag – including opening/closing as usual & they still recognized a storage life extension with most items. Leaving items in Clearly Fresh without opening the bag is the best way for the fullest shelf life extension but the important thing is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables so please use them in the most convenient fashion for your family.

Q: Bananas are my favorite and Clearly Fresh bags work well! How long can I store bananas in these bags?
A: We recommend that bananas are stored up to 9 days in Clearly Fresh Bags. The peel changes color very slowly and after 9 days (on average) we've found that the interior fruit softens a bit more than would be expected for the peel color.

Q: Should I rinse and dry my produce before placing it in my Clearly Fresh bag?
A: You can rinse and dry produce before storing it in Clearly Fresh bags, however, some items such as strawberries tend to have a reduced shelf life when washed so it may be advantageous to just slide the clamshell (plastic container) right into the bag ‘till you’re ready to use them.

Q: Is my Clearly Fresh bag recyclable?
A: Yes.  Clearly Fresh is recyclable if you cut out the BreatheWay membrane (the membrane itself is not recyclable). We'd recommend that the bags are not washed as submerging the BreatheWay membrane will remove its ability to allow oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of the bag.

If you have any additional questions please email us at info@clearlyfreshbags.com.

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